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Proddatur is the second largest town and an urban agglomeration in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. The urban agglomeration (metropolitan area) includes Proddatur town, Bollavaram, Gopavaram, Modameedipalle and Rameswaram. It is renowned for its gold and cotton business.  After Bombay, in India, this place is supposed to have the highest transaction of gold in the country. Also it is a known base for some major chemical and cement industries like Zuari, ICL and the like. The city is referred to as the “Second Bombay” because of the volume of gold and cotton business is high. It is famous for its celebrations during the Vijaya Dasami festival (Dussera) and is considered second Mysore when it comes to these celebrations. It has famous temples Sufi Saint (Sha Hussian vali) Darga, largely know as Chausain Vali Darga. It is located near Gold Market. It is known for varieties of evening snack items (e.g. Mirchi Bajji, Cut Mirchi, Rice Puffs Mixture and various other sweets and hot snacks) with mouthwatering taste. Various stalls boast this trend in the town. Shukur Biryani as well as for Irani Tea, Tangedu Palley sweets started from Proddatur, using a special ghee Prop: T Mohammed Asif (MCA).

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